Smart Distribution of Mailing List

One of the key factors for a successful newsletter with high conversion rate is to create a smart distribution of your mailing list. With the DOALI platform you can easily change and increase your business sales, managing loyalty clubs, followers, return clients and more. Most important thing is how to keep the subscribers from unsubscribing to your mailing list so eventually, they would continue to follow your newsletters and eventually buy from you.

By properly segmenting your mailing list, you will be able to send the most attractive offer and information to your subscribers, and avoid overloading them with unnecessary and nonrelevant information for them which they don’t need and will cause damage to your mailing list – unsubscription.

How to segment your mailing list?

There are several parameters to start with segmenting your mailing list. First, divide the list into new customers and regular customers and prepare a suitable mailing for each group.

Regular customers do not need any more basic information about your company. You should send them more advanced information and useful content, while new users will be presented with initial information about the company and basic promotions. This division or segmentation of your customers is extremely important and should not be waived at any stage of working with an email marketing system.

Secondly, it is recommended to set up an automatic reply email which is sent to new subscribers immediately after subscribing to your mailing list. As a first step after signing to your mailing list, the subscriber should receive a “Thank you” email for their subscription with basic information with a layout for future emails they will get from you.

The DOALI mailing system provides this instant sending of the “Thank you” email for new subscribers.

Monitor your mailing campaign

Another tool for segmenting your mailing list is by tracking the results of your newsletter campaign.

Sending a newsletter with DOALI gives you access to real-time reports and statistics regarding your customers’ behavior, such as recipients who opened the newsletter, list of recipients who clicked the links you placed in the newsletter and which links, how many times they opened the newsletter, what time they opened it and more.

Using such reports already give you invaluable information about your customers’ behavior and the quality of your newsletter.

As a result, you can start creating sub-lists to match the group of subscribers with the most suitable messages that fit their interest for your business. statistics show that in order to achieve the best results with newsletters it is recommended to split mailing list for existing subscribers into 4 different messages/titles.

DOALI is an advanced and reliable mailing system that can provide you with all these parameters and many other tools for managing your mailing lists correctly and effectively.

DOALI operates in Croatia by go4digital agency, our team will be happy to provide you with technical support and guides on all functionalities of DOALI email marketing platform for your business.