Most email marketing platforms send emails via PHP interface – local code in mail-php or other languages, which in some cases can identify your newsletter as spam and as a result, your campaign will suffer high bouncing rate and low delivery percentage.

Other email platforms allow you to connect to an external server that sends SMTP emails, in which it is enough for  one user  of this server to “mess up” and send junk-emails once using this server to damage this SMTP server credibility and create immediate action that would mark and blacklist this server as a source for spam emails. In this case, all other users/companies which are using this SMTP server would be automatically added to this blacklist as spammers.

We have good news! As a DOALI user, regardless of the platform you are using for your website

(WordPress, woo-commerce, etc) you will be allowed to login to SMTP at its basic level and install the DOALI plugin to your website. DOALI plugin allows you to connect your website URL to the SMTP server when you are sending a newsletter directly to your customers/subscriber.

Why it’s important?

When you are sending a high number of emails from a known and exclusive SMTP server (your company name or URL) with a custom IP, you are reducing the chances that the newsletter will be blocked by any kind of SPAM protection or firewall, installing the DOALI plugin, you will reduce the bouncing and undelivered email rate.

Also, the DOALI plugin will allow you to easily monitor and connect any future lead campaigns

you will make on Google AdWords, Facebook, etc with your user in the DOALI platform. This will give you useful information and specific data on campaign results as you will be able to create for each campaign a separated list of the leads which were generated from this campaign.

Creating such lists will allow you to take specific actions and send to each list a newsletter which will be related to the subject of your campaign and will  offer related promotions according to the campaign subject which was promoted on the campaign.

Another useful feature using the DOALI plugin is that it will collect and transfer all the leads that were received from your website and be automatically added to your mailing list in DOALI and send them a “Thank you for contacting” email.

Installing the DOALI plugin is simple and does not require any special technical knowledge.

If something is not clear, our technical support team will be happy to assist you.

To download the DOALI plugin – Click here