What is Email Marketing?

A newsletter is an email designed by business, sent to a mailing list of subscribers including customers, potential customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc.

The newsletter usually contains information about the business or useful information which a business wish to send to the mailing list.

Note: According to the Spam law, the recipient must obtain the consent of the addressee to receive the newsletter or any other promotional material by e-mail. Recipients should be allowed to be removed from the mailing list and upon receiving such a request, the recipient must be immediately removed from the mailing list.

It is advisable to manage the e-mail system through a system for managing and distributing emails that will know how to analyze the results of the sending and know not to send emails to those who asked to be disconnected.

Email content writing – how to make money from words

Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, and public relations and often skip the creative, affordable, and most effective ways to contact their customers and encourage sales.

Email marketing newsletters are definitely one of the most powerful and effective ways to increase your customer base and sell them more and more products without investing a lot.

Doali email marketing platform provides you with all the tools for writing and creating a successful newsletter, with unique features designed especially for our users.

If you have a mailing list or wish us to build one for you, we invite you to learn how to write emails and newsletters that will bring you more customers to your business.

Why do you need to send a newsletter?

A newsletter is an important marketing tool, through which you can keep in touch with your customers, but mainly keep them, reward them and most importantly sell them more products

It is already clear to every business owner that a mailing list is now one of the most important things in marketing a business, however, building a subscribers list is not enough.

High-quality newsletter sent regularly to your customers

Newsletter gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with hundreds or thousands of clients and potential customers, for free.

Newsletter allows you to send different messages to a variety of target audiences, it helps you build your business, keeps you in the mind of customers, brings you more potential customers and can significantly increase your sales from existing and potential customers

If you do not use this tool properly, a newsletter can easily become a nuisance in the customer’s eyes and soon find its way into the spam box.

If you succeed in creating a newsletter wisely and creatively, focusing on your customers’ needs and offer them valuable information, you will get a good and safe place in their email and more importantly – in their consumer consciousness.